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Episode 6, “Heads Have Rolled for Less”

Mr. McAllister’s visit to the Russells shakes the aunts’ household. George aims to control the narrative. Marian considers her feelings.

Mansions & Gardens Featured

In this Episode…

  Again we see young Gladys Russell’s bedroom, the real Mrs. Berwind’s bedroom at The Elms.

  The Elms Kitchen again appears as the Russells’ kitchen.

Simon Jones as Bannister, Agnes van Rhijn’s butler. Photograph by Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

  Mrs. Fish’s doll tea party is hosted in the Dining Room of Chateau-sur-Mer, shown here. The main hall as well as the Ballroom of Chateau-sur-Mer are featured as part of the scene.

  Agnes van Rhijn’s bedroom is the space interpreted as the bedroom of young Annie Wetmore at Chateau-Sur-Mer. She was the sister of George Peabody Wetmore (see Episode 3).

  The battle of the butlers: As Mrs. Russell engaged the van Rhijns’ butler, the practice of exchanging servants was common, and so was poaching them. While direct communication would have been possible, employment agencies known as Intelligence Offices would have also participated in this recruitment process.

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