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The David B. and Pamela Ford Lecture

What you need to know

The David B. and Pamela Ford Lecture at Marble House has closed.

Newport Mansions: The Age of Opulence

Architect, author and historian Gary Lawrance will explore the grand architecture of Newport, reflective of the city’s height as the destination for society’s summer sojourns. By the 1890s, the great wealth generated by the Industrial Revolution enabled the creation of a new American architectural trend: opulence. Inspired by centuries-old European estates, the new Newport mansions were the pleasure palaces of American Royalty. As the “Queen of Resorts,” Newport and its houses came to define the Gilded Age.

Live at Marble House or via Zoom video conference


Gary Lawrance, architect, author and historian

Gary Lawrance is an architect, author and historian from Stony Brook, New York. In 1982 he completed his architectural thesis about the Gold Coast mansions of Long Island’s North Shore. Lawrance has an extensive background in the history of Gilded Age architecture, landscapes, and society, and co-authored the bestselling book “Houses of the Hamptons 1880-1930” with Anne Surchin (Acanthus Press 2007). Lawrance has written for Architectural Digest, Dan’s Papers and Quest. He also founded, manages and contributes to the social media sites “Mansions of the Gilded Age” and “The Gilded Age Society” on Facebook and Instagram, with a combined following of more than half a million.

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