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The Eaddo and Peter Kiernan Lecture

What you need to know

The Eaddo and Peter Kiernan Lecture at Marble House has closed.

Part 1: “Kingscote: A Global Experience”

Preservation Society Fellow Astrid Tvetenstrand

In support of a reinterpretation plan for Newport’s landmark Gothic Revival cottage Kingscote (1839), Social History Fellow Astrid Tvetenstrand’s research uncovered untold stories about the business and personal lives of the residents of Kingscote through a global lens.

Astrid will discuss the application of her research – including the examination of family travel albums documenting trips throughout Europe and Asia; David King Jr.’s account book recording his trading practices in China; personal correspondence; probate inventories; and documentation of the household domestic staff circa 1880 – to enrich our understanding of this landmark that witnessed many events that shaped American history.

Part 2: “Storytelling Objects”

Preservation Society Fellow Dani Zhang

Dani Zhang will discuss her research in support of the upcoming exhibition The Celestial City: Newport and China. Dani’s work has expanded our understanding of the rich and vibrant Chinese American community in 19th-century Newport and Chinese objects collected by their Gilded Age peers.

By examining the Chinese-crafted objects in the collection of the Preservation Society, Dani has illuminated a world of meaning: decoding imagery, identifying previously unknown Chinese artists, and uncovering the nuanced nature of traditional vs. Western utility. Ultimately, her work has enriched the Preservation Society’s understanding of individual objects and the associated collecting practices of Gilded Age Americans during this complex time.

Live at Marble House or via Zoom video conference

Fellow Astrid Tvetenstrand DSC_9555

Astrid Tvetenstrand

Astrid Tvetenstrand earned a PhD in American & New England Studies, specializing in American Art History, Nineteenth-Century History and Literature, from Boston University. She is a graduate of the Sotheby’s MA in American Fine & Decorative Art History program, and has experience working with the MFA Boston, De Cordova Sculpture Museum and the Peabody Essex Museum. Astrid joined the Preservation Society as a Curatorial Research Assistant this July.

Fellow Dani Zhang DSC_9562

Dani Zhang

Dani Zhang received a Master of Arts degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University and has experience working with the American Museum of Natural History and the Asian Handicrafts Foundation. She most recently contributed to the forthcoming PieceWork Magazine article, “Feathers and Fibers: A Remarkable Chinese Embroidery in the Newport Mansions.”

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