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Marble House Family Tour

What you need to know

Marble House 596 Bellevue Ave
Newport, RI 02840
Daily opening hours
Download our tour app before your visit and bring your earbuds.
Available Languages Printed transcripts available in these and other languages. Audio in App English

Our new audio Marble House Children’s Tour is designed for children under 13, and introduces kids to the great house from a unique and whimsical perspective.  A professional voice actor plays the role of Marble House – Alva Vanderbilt’s fourth child – guiding visitors from room to room, telling stories in a friendly voice while introducing various characters along the way, like Apollo the Sun God, bragging about his curly hair. Hear the Vanderbilt children laughing as they speak French during lunch in the dining room. Enjoy the music of angels entertaining a collection of unlikely neighbors, including a lobster and a dragon. Listen to a news boy excitedly yell “EXTRA,” as he sells newspapers featuring a breaking story about Marble House during its construction.

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Download our tour app before your visit and bring your earbuds.

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