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Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival

Hardshore Gin and 9diDANTE Vermouth Tasting and Seminar

What you need to know

Hardshore Gin and 9diDANTE Vermouth Tasting and Seminar at Rosecliff has closed.
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This enlightening spirit seminar and cocktail tasting combines Portland, Maine’s Hardshore Distilling Company and Torino, Italy’s 9diDANTE Vermouth, two brands out to change the way folks think about their respective spirits.

A small-batch, artisanal gin distillery, Hardshore’s output comprises its award-winning flagship Original Gin and the barrel rested, oaked North Oak Gin. Both are distilled with only five botanicals with a focus on green, leafy herbs (rosemary and mint!) that sets it apart.

Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, 9diDANTE Vermouth di Torino puts wines back at the heart of vermouth making, bringing together Piedmont’s local grape varieties with 27 botanical essences.

Seminar participants will learn about the unique methods of production employed by both spirits as well as taste cocktails crafted specifically to highlight the marriage of gin and vermouth.

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