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The Breakers

Hailed as the grandest estate in America, The Breakers was the summer home of one of the wealthiest and most fascinating families in the nation’s history: the Vanderbilts.

Meet the Characters


Alice Vanderbilt

Matriarch of the wealthiest family in the world


Alfred Vanderbilt

Devastating loss and unfulfilled duty made him the unexpected scion of the family.


Reggie Vanderbilt

Charming but damaged. His affinity for drink and gambling led to a tragic end.


Gertrude Vanderbilt

Passionate about art, she was the family outsider with a secret: a forbidden romance.


Esther Hunt

A hopeless romantic who yearned for Gertrude, but Alice and society pulled them apart.

Following the death of her husband Cornelius II, matriarch Alice Claypoole Vanderbilt spent her days at The Breakers as a pillar of society and working to protect her family’s legacy. Her biggest challenge? Her own children. Their wanton lifestyles and often imprudent behavior threatened the family fortune and reputation. A titan of Newport society, Alice pushed them to adhere to tradition and uphold the Vanderbilts’ towering status.

Live the Drama

The Breakers is home to some of the most fascinating stories that shaped the Gilded Age.

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This remarkable place will transport you to a different time – one so grand you’ll feel like a character in a movie. Walk the grounds where history was made and experience The Breakers.

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