Lectures:  Here you'll find a calendar of upcoming lectures and other academic programs.

Architecture: This section offers an overview of the important sites maintained by the Preservation Society as well as historical images of Newport’s lost buildings.

Collections: Here you'll find information on some of the objects in the Preservation Society's collection.

Exhibitions: Explore some of the exhibitions of costumes and decorative arts organized by the Preservation Society's historians, curators, and conservators.

Landscape: Information on Newport's historic landscapes.

Social History: Learn about the people who lived and worked in Newport's houses.

Preservation and Conservation: Updates about conservation projects of interest, offering insights into the technical expertise and research involved in protecting our collections.

Research and Scholarship: Here you'll find research reports and scholarly papers written by Preservation Society research fellows, curators and historians. You can also learn more about the Preservation Society's Fellows Program

Newport Map Project:  A collection of historic maps of Newport that highlight key moments in the city's urban development.

Teacher Resources: Here you can read and download our teacher resource guides, which contain suggested lesson plans, tour transcripts and reference materials to support learning standards for elementary students.

Children's Programs:  Learn about some of the special educational activities the Preservation Society offers for youngsters.

For more information about Newport history, architecture and people, as well as preservation resources, please see our Reading List.

Academic Programs

The Preservation Society offers many learning opportunities, designed to present its houses and collections to a broad and diverse audience in as many interesting and enlightening ways as possible.  These programs include international symposia and forums study days, lectures, workshops, films, tours, and more.  Programs are offered year-round throughout the Society' s historic properties and its grounds.  

The Newport Symposium is an international forum for the study and discussion of a diverse range of arts and historical issues. The audience consists of academics, collectors, major donors to and trustees of museums and arts foundations, museum directors and curators, and professional furniture appraisers and art dealers.

A calendar of specific events can be found under Events Calendar.