Our employees represent a rich assortment of professional backgrounds and interests.  We all come together to serve the common cause of preservation. 

The result is a mixture of knowledge, experience, fun, and the challenge of a job well done.   A wide variety of employee functions is required to serve our visiting public.   Tour guides, groundskeepers, carpenters, security guards, accounting staff, caretakers, membership and development, stonemasons, salespeople, admissions staff, painters, housekeepers...the list goes on. 

Types of Employment


The majority of positions at The Preservation Society of Newport County are seasonal in nature.  This means that periods of employment are directly tied to the seasons that our guests visit us.  The main season begins in early April and continues on until mid-October.  Seasonal employees receive a 10% premium when working on weekends or holidays.  

Our secondary tourism season, from late October until year end, marks the approach of the winter season, when our employment need is at its lowest.  In most cases, employment ceases at the end of the secondary season, but is often renewed at the beginning of the next season.  Many Preservation Society employees plan their vacations around these gaps.  

Full Time 

Approximately 115 positions within The Preservation Society represent full time, year-round employment.  These positions are usually based on a 40 hour work week, and include a variety of benefits, including access to health and dental insurance.  

Part Time 

Only a few positions are considered to be truly part-time.  These positions have a regular schedule which operates year-round.   

Currently available positions

How to apply