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 Portrait of
Elizabeth Drexel Dahlgren Lehr 1
Giovanni Boldini
Collection of The Preservation Society of Newport County Gift of Mrs. Eva Drexel Dahlgren
Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) created this stunning portrait of Elizabeth Drexel Dahlgren Lehr, later
Lady Decies (1868-1944), in Paris in 1905. Her second husband was Newport and New York social arbiter Harry Lehr. She later chronicled their difficult
marriage in her book, King Lehr and the Gilded Age. Giovanni Boldini was one of the foremost portrait painters of the era, and his services were much in demand by the international society set.
Portrait banner displayed in tent.
 3 Portrait of Harriet Bishop Lanier c. 1905
Howard Gardiner Cushing
Collection of Mr. Donald O. Ross
Harriet Bishop Lanier (1867-1931), daughter of Heber and Mary C. Bishop of New York, married banker James F.D. Lanier (1858-1928) in 1885. The couple lived between Old Westbury, Long Island and
New York City, where they built a Beaux Arts style townhouse (1903) with architect Francis L.V. Hoppin at 123 East 35th Street. The Laniers spent summers at Gravel Court off Clay Street in Newport. Edith Bishop, Mrs. Lanier’s sister, would marry Moses Taylor,
and together they built The Glen in Portsmouth.
Mrs. Lanier’s great-grandson is Donald O. Ross,
trustee emeritus and former Chairman of the Board
of The Preservation Society of Newport County.
This portrait is a wonderful example of Howard Gardiner Cushing’s mature style. Mrs. Lanier’s small dog and beautifully detailed hat lend much to the composition.
Portrait banner displayed in tent.

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