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History of

The Breakers Stable & Carriage House

Today this site houses the Preservation Society’s collection of historic carriages. The property is open seasonally and for special programs.

In 1894, Cornelius Vanderbilt II commissioned architect Richard Morris Hunt to design the Stable & Carriage House on 2 acres of land at the corner of Bateman and Coggeshall Avenues, about two-thirds of a mile from The Breakers. The complex was completed in 1895 and contained 26 open stalls, two box stalls and space for 20 carriages. There was a harness room, workroom, office, hayloft, and a dining room, kitchen and bedrooms for the 20 grooms required to operate the stables. The head coachman was provided with a five-room apartment.

  • Original Builder

    Cornelius Vanderbilt II

  • Construction Dates


  • Architect

    Richard Morris Hunt

Visit The Breakers Stable & Carriage House

Visit The Breakers Stable & Carriage House

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