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Curt Genga, William Landry, Lynn Ceglie, Michael Behan, Donald Ross, Monty Burnham, Alan Joslin, William Wilson, Sam Frank, Doug Reed, Terry Dickinson, John Grove, Trudy Coxe.
Construction is Underway on the Welcome Center
by Andrea Carneiro, Communications Manager
On May 18, in a ceremony attended by more than 250 friends and supporters, the Preservation Society broke ground for construction of a new welcome center at The Breakers. Behan Bros. of Newport is the general contractor on the project, which is expected to be completed in time for the main tourist season next summer.
The welcome center will provide visitor amenities, including
ticketing, accessible restrooms, and light refreshments for
ticketed visitors and Preservation Society members.
Said Trustee William Wilson, chairman of the welcome center sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, "Preservation is about the public, and this building is going to be for the public. It will make us really better at the hospitality business because this will be our front door. It's not just about tickets, toilets and tea. It's really a statement of wanting people to be engaged when they are here, and this building will do that.
It will say something about who the PS is, and also what Newport is about."
Michael J. Behan of Behan Bros. told the crowd, "I am humbled to be with this project in one of our city's, our state's, and our nation's most historic landmarks. We sincerely understand the significance of the task ahead, and look forward to bringing the Preservation Society's vision to life."
Over the past four years, the project was reviewed and approved by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, the Newport Historic District Commission, the Newport Zoning Board of Review and the Newport Planning Board. Those approvals were affirmed by the Newport County Superior Court and the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
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