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tremendous feat given that custom-fitted clothing for wealthy patrons ruled the great Parisian fashion houses at this time. Cardin was a pioneer in making high fashion accessible to a larger audience.
Greatly influenced by the space race of the 1960s, Cardin produced some of his most memorable designs during this period, became the only person to appear in Neil Armstrong’s original space suit from the 1969 moonwalk and went on to design space suits for NASA.
A creative visionary with tremendous ingenuity, his designs have been worn by some of the most glamorous and influential women in the world, including Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Charlotte Rampling and Jeanne Moreau.
In addition to fashion, M. Cardin’s interests have extended
to art, architecture and furniture design. He has an extensive collection of art by French Belle Époque caricaturist Georges Goursat, also known as SEM, some of which are on view in the exhibition. Complimenting the artwork is a vignette from Maxim’s, the storied Parisian Belle Époque restaurant that M. Cardin has honored through ownership since 1981.
The exhibition will be on view through January 1, 2018.
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