TV Producers

If you are a member of the news media, interested in photographing the Newport Mansions for editorial purposes, please visit our Press Room  for more information about our editorial policies and to contact our Communications Office.

Television Production

The Newport Mansions have provided the setting for many notable films and commercial television productions. The Preservation Society is happy to work with filmmakers wishing to use the Newport Mansions as movie or television sets. 

However, sufficient advance notice and written permission is required for all projects, and strict guidelines must be followed for the protection of our museum properties.   At all times, the preservation of the houses and their collections is the primary consideration.  No activity will be allowed which could damage the houses or the collections.  It is therefore essential that photographers and crew members comply with specific rules and procedures while utilizing our buildings and grounds.  Some of those rules are outlined here.  For more details, please contact the Special Events Department at the address below.

Properties Available for Commercial Television Production

Marble House
The Chinese Tea House
The Elms
Green Animals
Isaac Bell House
The Breakers Stable

Interior Photography or Filming: $7,500 per day or any part thereof
(8 hours maximum, including set-up/breakdown time)

Exterior Photography or Filming: $5,000 per day or any part thereof
(8 hours maximum, including set-up/breakdown time)

Overtime: Interior at $1,250 per hour; Exterior at $750 per hour

Museum Closings: If closure of a property is required due to a film or photo shoot, an additional cost, based on the loss of attendance and store revenue will be incurred. This cost will be calculated from the previous year' s figures.

Attendant(s): At least one attendant is required to accompany all photo or film crews while on our properties.  There is a charge of $20 per hour, per attendant between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  There is a charge of $30 per hour, per attendant for overtime hours before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

Police/Security: For a large crew, the Preservation Society will hire a police officer or private security guard to oversee the production. The current rate for a police officer on special detail is $65 per hour.

What we need:
Ample notice of scouting and shoot dates, a certificate of insurance, a letter of intent, information about the product, film or program. Full payment of the location fee must be received prior to the start of the shoot.  Fees for attendants will be billed to client following the last day of the shoot.

Photography Guidelines (These are general guidelines. Additional more specific rules are delineated in the required Photography Agreement.  Contact the Special Events Department for more details):

  • No furniture or furnishings will be moved without prior approval.
  • No eating or drinking, except in assigned areas.
  • No smoking.
  • Photographers are required to assume full responsibility for their photographic equipment. The Preservation Society will not be responsible for loss of equipment or props.
  • Placement of props must be supervised by the Society s attendant.
  • Photographic lights may not be left on for extended periods.
  • Tripods and light stands must be fitted with rubber feet and may not be placed on antique floor coverings.
  • Photo lighting requiring more than 10 amps must supply its own power pack.


Special Events Department
Telephone: (401) 847-1000 ext. 120
Fax: (401) 847-9477