Public Policy Statement

Be it resolved that:
The Preservation Society of Newport County is a corporate citizen of Newport RI and is custodian of a number of nationally recognized historic properties. As such it has a responsibility to be constructively engaged in public policy in those areas where it has special expertise and interest.
The Preservation Society of Newport County creates employment, generates economic growth, has become an important public resource, and has amassed a body of expertise, which is the source of its responsibility to the community locally and nationally. The Preservation Society of Newport County sees its role as a voice for the preservation of
  • architecture
  • decorative arts
  • landscapes and open space.

The Preservation Society of Newport County's means for influencing public policy are education, consensus building and advocacy. Its educational outreach will extend locally and nationally on preservation issues generally, including: private and corporate incentives for preservation,
  • government policy affecting preservation and landscape and open space protection,
  • issues of taxation and zoning policy, and
  • the economic climate for its educational and visitation programs.

The Preservation Society of Newport County will endorse neither candidates nor parties, but will take positions on issues that affect it as
  • an abutter,
  • a regulated organization,
  • an active preservation institution,
  • one of the nation's most important destinations for cultural and historic tourism.

The Preservation Society of Newport County will encourage the belief that historic preservation, landscape and open space preservation, responsible development, and cultural tourism foster high quality of life for all citizens. The Public Policy Committee and the CEO will co-ordinate the public policy agenda. The Committee work will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, which will bring issues to the Board in accordance with its policies and procedures.